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These products are Melissa's Yoga class and simple mediations she uses with her clients every day. Now, you can download them and use them at home.

Just released; sound healing and affirmation mediations for each chakra or all of them. Each download comes with a beautiful poster to remind you to keep saying the affirmations.

E-book copies of The Key To Life Is Balance and Spa-Cipes The Spa Cookbook links are also listed here.

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Melissa Santangelo is the author of two books, a Yoga/Pilates DVD and three guided meditation CDs.

The Balance Tool Kit; book with work book and two guided CDs. Provides you will self help tools to get you through any stressful time. Helping you by teaching you guided meditations, easy to do exercises and visualizations to start loving yourself.

Spa-Cipes The Spa Cookbook all of Melissa's recipes for her food facials, hair conditioning treatments and more. All natural spa treatments you can make in your own home. Great gift ideas and even healing treatments for your dog.

Make sure you work out each day with her with the Groovy Goddess Yoga/Pilates DVD.

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